On this site you will find information about my NEI-therapy, energetic treatments, en Bach remedies / homeopathy. In the meantime, 'Family arrangements' according to Bert Gordinger's method have been added to this list. 

After a telephone call you can send me a picture of a (deceased) person or animal with your questions. After which I will read this photo ('reading') and, if desired, followed by a healing.

You can get noticified about my finding in my practice, by telephone or by e-mail. Last two options are ideal for people who do NOT live near the city Tiel or who have questions regarding their pet. Take also a look at my Guestbook!


Since 2014 I give regually reading in libraries for example, but also at associations. The subjects can range from 'magnetizing' to 'working with angels and guides'. The topics are focused on the intrest of the group. Feel free to contact me if you like to plan a reading or talk with a group of your organizion, association or foundation.


If you have questions, please do not hestitate to contact me. I'm happy to help!